Delivering the Activity Based Working office solution with the right technology and acoustic for each activity. A workplace environment that fosters empowerment which supported by trust, results in responsibility that makes decision making more efficient and easier.


Prolonged sitting for hours in an office working environment is likely to bring harm to your body. Get your body to move to minimize body strain/fatigue by changing working postures is the best remedy. Oasis Health & Wellness Design Group has collaborated with ergonomists to provide office furniture that allow users to alternate between 3 working postures and keep our body in a healthy manner.

It is healthy work habits to alternate our working postures between the 120° sitting, the stand and the sit with duration of 30 minutes for each posture. Our body deserves a better working environment for better future. Today’s practice determines tomorrow’s health. Let’s stay healthy in workplace with the right working postures start from today!

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Combining strong aesthetics, ergonomically designed with maximum comfort, ACHIEVOR is an intuitive chair that can be easily adjusted to suit the high professional...

A seating revolution has taken on back tilting! No longer are seats confining or stationary but rather rolling objects of stylish aesthetic, movement that offer comfort and function.

A BUROSC series that elevates the image of today's dynamic corporate office.

Another impressive variety from BUROSC, is here to mesmerize your taste and office chair. The sleek, elegant anatomically shaped chair sets new standards for ergonimic seating.

The timeless and contemporary choice of chair combines beauty, efficiency, ergonomics and wellness is an ideal comfort chair for today's highly charged workplace.

The concept of the design of an ideal office chair is intended to provide the maximum amount of comfort for the workers at various organizational levels of the company.

Elegantly shaped in simple stylish curves and upholstered in exciting wide range of fabrics and attractive frame colors, is architectured and conceptualized for the modern day office.

The newly designed 'FLAUTO SYNCHRON' under the 'Burosc' range of products is here to mesmerize you once again!

INFINITO, adapting the philosophy by providing a green, healthy comfort, and balanced body support with its innovative suspension...

Recliner Knee Tilt

Elegantly slim, yet generously equipped and ideally suited for any workstation.

With telecommuting and home-based e-business becoming more common, the home office has been transformed into a legitimate business seating.

Modern office culture respond to the demands of today's dynamic workplace and fulfill every job function with effective and practical configurations.

Memory Foam on seat will evenlty distributing the body weight and minimizing pressure under tights to promote proper blood circulation.

An impressive variety with a complete range for all types of office. Aethetics and ergonomics in perfect harmony, VITAS PRO LEATHER BOSS makes first-class seating comfort.

The waterfall contoured seat of moulded injection foam, provide the seating comfort at the highest ergonomic level.

ONE PROJECT ; ONE DESIGN. Let’s sway UNITY far & wide across today’s workplace!

Elegantly slim and generously equipped, it illuminates its exclusive and prestigious image...